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A Holocaust Survivor Reminds Us To Love Life

This coming Thursday is known as Yom HaShoah – Holocaust Memorial Day. On Yom HaShoah, we stop to remember the 11,000,000 people, 6,000,000 of them Jews, murdered by the Nazis. It is not a coincidence that this dark day falls so soon after we in the Jewish community observe Passover. While our ancestors’ redemption from Egypt is indeed something to celebrate – the Holocaust is a stark reminder that there are still Pharaohs out there – wicked people capable of stripping away our freedom and destroying our lives – evil people who do not want us to love life. This being said, we can’t live our lives afraid of these Pharaohs. We can’t allow those who seek to spread terror, hatred and darkness across the world keep us from loving the lives we have been given. If we do, if we stop appreciating the gift of life, we become enslaved by these modern day Pharaohs.

As we come to the end of Passover and our Finding Freedom Week, we couldn’t think of a more inspiring story to share than the story of Henry Flescher, a 92-year-old survivor of the Holocaust. Mr. Flescher experienced the worst of humanity. He was enslaved by the Nazis. He had every reason to stop loving life. But, he never did.

Mr Flescher says:

“Most people are never happy and complain too much. It’s too hot out, it’s too cold out. Life is beautiful. No need to complain so much. I think my outlook on life is different than most people, before and after the Holocaust. I’ve always had a love for life.”

Read more about Mr. Flescher HERE and learn from his story.

Yes, Pharaoh is still out there. But, as Mr. Flescher teaches us, no one can take away our freedom to love life. May we all have the strength and courage to appreciate and embrace this freedom.

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