Death & Mourning

Losing a loved ones hurts beyond words. As we try to make sense of our loss and honor our loved ones, we often turn to our tradition and rely on our faith. Judaism provides us with meaningful rituals that give us the strength to pick up the pieces and pay our respect to those we have lost. We value these rituals at ISH and will do everything we can to share them with you in a way that brings you comfort and meaning at your time of sorrow.

For many years, Rabbi Cheryl has been committed to helping individuals and families  mourn and remember their loved ones who have passed away. As she works with you to prepare a funeral service, she will spend a great deal of time talking with you and learning about your deceased loved one, what was important to them and what their lasting legacy is.

Rabbi Cheryl feels very strongly that a funeral service should reflect and celebrate the life of the deceased and she will doing everything she can to ensure that the service does just this in a genuine, honorable way. At the same time, she will be there to support you as you grieve the loss of someone so important – not just on the day of the funeral, but in the weeks and months that lie ahead.

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Pre-Planning A Funeral

No one wants to think about their own mortality. But, pre-planning your funeral will prevent your loved ones from having to make final arrangements while they mourn your passing. In addition, pre-planning greatly reduces the costs associated with a funeral. Rabbi Cheryl can guide you through the pre-planning process and connect you with compassionate funeral directors who can make your final arrangements.


According to Jewish tradition, a Shivah period of seven days follows the burial of an immediate family member. Today, people may choose to observe Shivah for one, three or any number of days up to seven, with a ceremony in your home which includes the recitation of the Mourner’s Kaddish. We are here to help you with Shivah and to create a ceremony that reflects the life of your loved one.


Within a year of the death of a loved one, their memorial stone is “unveiled” to family and close friends. An unveiling ceremony allows you to gather with those who have gone through the mourning process with you and, together, reflect upon the time that has passed without your loved. It is a time to remember and honor your love one and appreciate that their legacy lives on in the lives of those gathered at the unveiling ceremony.