Conversion & Renewal

In Judaism, we are taught that water has tremendous spiritual power. For centuries, Jews have immersed themselves in what we refer to as a mikvah, a fresh, flowing pool of water. The simple act of immersing ourselves in a mikvah has the incredible ability recharges our spiritual batteries and renew us. This is why many still embrace this ritual today. The mikvah lies at the heart of the rituals associated with conversion to Judaism and rituals that bring about spiritual transformation.


Speak With Our Rabbi About Conversion

The road to a conversion to Judaism is an extremely personal experience that is different for every individual who chooses to embrace a Jewish life. We don’t believe in a one size fits all approach to conversion studies. Each person interested in conversion is seen individually by Rabbi Cheryl so that she can create a program that meets your needs specifically. The time it takes to convert truly depends on your background. The program concludes with a beautiful, meaningful conversion service that you will remember forever.


Life is challenging. Illness, divorce, financial hardship and other personal struggles can drag us down and fill us with sadness. Rabbi Cheryl’s training as a spiritual counselor coupled with the ancient ritual of mikvah serve as powerful ways to bring hope and purpose back into your life.

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