Control Freak

Finding Freedom: Taming Our Inner Control Freak

When Our Inner Control Freak Loses Control, Fear Enslaves Us

Many of us are enslaved by our inner control freak. We work so hard to ensure that everything is just so and we are fully in control. Most of the time, our hard work pays off and life goes as planned. But, inevitably, something happens that threatens our control. When this happens, we fight with all of our might to regain control. As we do so, the fear that we will fail, that we will not be able to control what happens, grows. It becomes all consuming. We stop living life and, instead, live in fear, enslaved by our emotions and irrational belief that we can control everything that comes our way.

How can we tame our inner control freak? How can we break free from the fear that the unpredictability of life fills us with? Lori Deschene, the founder of Tiny Buddha, shares some simple, yet powerful wisdom that those of us who think we can control it all need to absorb. Check out her wisdom HERE. If we can truly internalize her wisdom, we can tame our inner control freak and find much needed freedom.

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