Our Vision

ISH will change the spiritual landscape by delivering the most engaging, relevant, financially accessible, multimedia, spiritual resources available, giving rise to the largest community of spiritual seekers and celebrants in the world.

Our Mission

ISH is a warm, welcoming, non-denominational spiritual source and service grounded in Jewish wisdom. By creating an open dialogue with spiritual seekers everywhere, we will innovate, provide and evolve products and services to meet their needs for connection, community and growth. We offer these resources to enable every individual to create the spiritual life that works for them – on their time, without judgment, financial commitment or religious dogma.


We believe in unconditional love and respect.

So we conduct ourselves compassionately and without judgment, supporting every human being in their pursuit of self love and self worth. By nurturing people in this way, we will foster a community of individuals who respect and care for each other without reservation.

We believe in an enabling, empowering and evolving spirituality.

That’s why we provide new and innovative forms of connection and community, so you can cultivate your own spiritual landscape, and forge a commitment to something greater than yourself. By enabling and empowering you in this way, we will benefit you, others and the world.

We believe everyone has a right to a self-defined spiritual connection and community.

That’s why we make our resources accessible and affordable to everyone. Our offerings will be available wherever you are, whenever you need them, and you decide how you invest your time and money. By removing barriers in this way, we will enable more people to find their own brand of spirituality.

We believe that wisdom and generosity lead to fulfillment.

That’s why we engage in and offer opportunities to learn about, touch and improve the lives of others in need. By putting our hearts, minds and bodies to work to make a difference in the lives of others, we create a richer, more meaningful life for ourselves.

We believe in breaking out to break through.

That’s why we examine, challenge and reinvent the traditional forms of religion and worship that have lost their relevance and utility for so many people. By pushing ourselves to innovate fresh, engaging and meaningful offerings, we will evolve spirituality to attract, support and inspire the modern spiritual seeker.




Cheryl Jacobs


Cheryl is passionate about helping others on their journey towards spiritual fulfilment. Having spent many years on her own spiritual journey, Cheryl majored in Religious Studies at Hobart William Smith Colleges. She received a Master’s of Divinity from Yale University and her Rabbinic Ordination from The Jewish Theological Seminary. Cheryl is a Rabbis Without Borders Fellow. She is committed to empowering and enabling others to discover their best selves and is dedicated to investing in and caring about all individuals without judgment. Her goal is to always strive to understand her fellow spiritual seekers in order to provide what they want and need, while making them feel comfortable, connected and fulfilled. Cheryl makes herself available to anyone seeking spiritual guidance and direction. She is an incredible teacher and pastoral counselor. Anyone who has been fortunate enough to have had her officiate at a lifecycle event can tell you how very special she is. Cheryl and her husband, Andrew, are the parents of Abigail and Jonah.


Andrew Jacobs


Andrew is honored to serve as the Rabbi of Ramat Shalom Synagogue in Plantation, Florida. He has been with Ramat Shalom for 13 years and is blessed to be part of such a warm, vibrant community. While he believes that synagogues and churches have much to offer their congregants, for the past several years, Andrew has grown to appreciate that there is a need for new, fresh ways for folks to connect to spirituality. ISH is a product of this appreciation. Andrew majored in Jewish-Christian Relations at Vassar College, earned his Master’s Degree in Jewish Art and Material Culture from The Jewish Theological Seminary and received his Rabbinic Ordination from The Reconstructionist Rabbinical College. He is a Rabbis Without Borders Fellow. While continuing to serve as the spiritual leader of Ramat Shalom, Andrew teaches courses and leads special program for ISH. He considers himself blessed to be married to his wife, Cheryl, and to be the father of his children, Abigail and Jonah.